How small business can change world’s economy

Enterprises are the backing blocks to boost the financial crisis of a country. Amidst the slowest growth rates, small-scale enterprises have always found to be ideal solution to bring equilibrium to the financial status. I have been a part of financial aspects all my life. I understand that to improve the stage for financial rise, … [Read more…]

How inflation affects the Economy?

Being an investor, inflation is the term you hear every day. These matrixes are something that has to be studied on a daily basis and needs to have knowledge of regular update. As an entrepreneur being in the field for past 30 years, Sanjeet Singh Veen, is all about inflation, exports, GDP, Effects on exchange … [Read more…]

What is Balloon Mortgage?

When it comes to investing on a property ready cash is not possible for everyone. Most of us go for house loans or property loans to meet our needs. However, Balloon mortgage might not be a new concept for people who are having a great deal of knowledge on Real Estate. Even though I have … [Read more…]

3 Ways to Make Your Small Business E-Commerce Compatible

The present situation of global trade is a demanding one and specially focuses on the need to communicate and establish client relations. To grow and develop in this environment and foster global commerce it is essential to usher internet and digital technologies in support of this radical transformation. The internet sensation has taken the world … [Read more…]